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Des le 07.08.2012 au 02.09.2012
Opening Exhibition of International Gatherings on Anarchism 

Opening Exhibition of International Gatherings on Anarchism            


We send you our most cordial invitations to the opening of the exhibition of

David Myriam

On Tuesday the 7th of August at 18h30

Opening Exhibition of International Gatherings on Anarchism

St-Imier 2012

David Myriam born in 1969 in France lives in Roybon, France. The artist discovered his calling in 1990, through drawing, writing, cartoon films and also performance art, drawing for his spectators directly.

The drawings on paper that will be exposed on the walls are mainly created with ink and will be completed with video screens with slide shows of drawings and short films of animated sand with such suggestive titles as « Do you mind ? », « a hole in the place of the heart » or even « Eat it, drink it, cram it ». All themes and concepts being related to extracts of the author’s texts.

His style is mostly the black and white. This medium enables the artist to go directly to the essential, to bring out the shapes and expressions better without diverting our attention. The black and white is more violent, more aggressive, more disruptive, it’s the encounter of night and day, it’s a night out under the full moon.

The traces and shadowing are raw, unforgiving and violent, just like the sadness we witness every day in the chaotic times we live in. His drawings are at the time uncluttered, symbolical, clinical and almost abstract in other instances. It is a way to demonstrate that the critical questions are universal and independant from areas and cultures. A certain naiveté can be perceived at times, within his work, that could belong to a child or extraterrestrial being alike. But one that uses rebellion as a means of propulsion.

His/Her points of interest range from violence in general to the inner- and outer- workings of exploitation, from the animal question to the destruction of all humans by the planet, from questions of genres and genders to the processes and procedures of self-destruction and alienation… which does not either, at times, hinder us from being blessed by a bit of good old fashioned poetry and utopia.

More than this bit or that bit of current events or trite piece of over-mediatised trivia, it is the absurd structures, the unhealthy archetypes, the murderous bad habits that the artist wants to bring to light.

“For if one wants to create an alternative, one must try to better understand the barriers and dead-ends that have plagued humanity for so long, so as to avoid the same mistakes or omissions.” D.Myriam

The artist wants to uncover this world to incite us to open our minds and instruments of perception.

Exhibit to discover from Tuesday, the 7th of August  to Sunday, September 2nd 2012 

ma-di 09h-22h, Espace Noir, St-Imier

Contacts : 

David Myriam: www.art-engage.net

Opening Exhibition of International Gatherings on Anarchism